We're Hiring Designers

My name is Stuart Frisby & I'm a designer here at Booking.com. I'm also hiring manager for our two open designer positions, and am on the lookout for the brightest design talent to come and join us in Amsterdam.

The front-end team at booking.com continues to grow in step with the rest of the company considered by some as the best acquisition in Internet history. And so we continue to look for the very best designers to come help us make better the world's best accommodation platform. I'm specifically looking for UX Designers to bring a strong background in user research and visual design as well as the same technical chops we require of our web designers (we're looking for you too!).

Booking.com Headquarters - The Bank

I don't have to work hard to find great reasons for encouraging people to come join us. You'll work at our head office in central Amsterdam which is sandwiched in-between canals, museums and the occasional statue of an old Dutch master (good evening, Mr Rembrandt). We'll pay to move you and your family here from anywhere in the world (I relocated from New Zealand), we'll help you with short-term accommodation and do our best to help you settle in the world's second most livable city. Once you arrive, you'll join one of the most talented collections of people anywhere & you'll be given all of the freedom and trust you need in order to make impactful improvements to a website and collection of apps used by millions of people. We need not go into detail about all of the social stuff, training & conferences, etc.

If you have any questions, or you'd like to talk about coming to work for us, drop me a line somewhere, and have a read of the job descriptions below. And if you know anyone else who is looking for a new challenge, this is a pretty good one.

Job Descriptions

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